Sunday, October 31, 2010

New obsession

I found a new website I'm obsessed with...maybe a tad too much, but who's to say? :)

I discovered it while at the Bridal Show at the Madonna Inn a couple weeks ago (so much fun by the way...delicious cakes/food, fun vendors with freebies - I even got a toothbrush and toothpaste!! SCORE!!!). She's a local jewelry designer and she makes the CUTEST jewelry. I've already started dropping hints to Clint for Christmas, so we'll see. I think I'll make a wishlist and then send it to him...

Anyway, here's the site. Poke around and tell me what you think! Great gift ideas for family/friends ( and great jewelry for yourself too!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pretty Jealous

I'm pretty jealous of this girl and her craftiness...I'm pretty jealous of anyone who is crafty because I'm the farthest from crafty there is. Just check her out'll get jealous too!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My life is now complete!

I just got back (well, a few days ago) from the most amazing trip of my life! As previously mentioned, my best friend's boyfriend got us tickets for MICHAEL BUBLE! I have never seen a more amazing concert in my entire life.We left Atascadero around 8:30 am on Tuesday and started our trek to Sacramento. Well, after a few stops, we arrived between about 1:15 and 1:30 and we went to check into our hotel room. It was an Extended Stay type of hotel, so it actually had a mini kitchen and ginormous bathroom in it. SO AWESOME! The sucky part, though, was we were about an hour and a half early to check in and our room wasn't ready, so we had to go play around for a bit before we could actually check in. So we went to Taco Bell and then over to the Starbucks next door to it to get on the internet and figure out exactly where the arena was (we were literally 5 minutes away...and our hotel was cheap...and awesome...and we're awesome). Then we decided to drive to find it, so we wouldn't be the crazy tourists that night like everyone else seemed to be. After we drove around it (I tried to convince Michelle to go into the parking lot in hopes that maybe we could sneak inside and possibly hear him rehearsing...but no), we realized that the street next to the back entrance was actually a street that ran parallel to our hotel's street (I think the hotel was pretty much backed up to the arena). WE FOUND A BACK ENTRANCE! The mapquest directions were taking us off the freeway so we figured everyone would take that way, and since we're smart, we took the back way! So we go back to the hotel, check in and just chill for a little bit. Then we got ready and went to BJ's for dinner. The wait wasn't horrible, it just sucked because since it was so close to the arena, everyone and their mother (literally) came there, so it was packed. And as we were waiting, I (stupidly) stood by the door, so that every time it opened, I was greeted with a gust of HOT air. Yes, it was late afternoon and still in the 90's. Michelle and I (mostly me though, since I am SO not used to hot weather) were DYING.After dinner, we ran to the car and drove as fast as we could to the arena. We finally got to the arena and parked and ran to the door. Upon entering, we noticed a giant poster of Michael Buble, set up by Nordstrom, where you could take your picture with it. So we did.The concert was at the Arco Arena, where the Sacramento Kings play. Our seats were in the upper balcony, and this is the view from our seats. The opening act was a band called Naturally 7, who are AMAZING! They are completely a capella, but the coolest thing is that they make the sounds of the instruments with their voices! It is completely brilliant! One of them can sound exactly like a drum, one was a bass, one sounded like a DJ mixing beats. Ahhh, it was awesome!

After they finished it was intermission and we went out to buy some merchandise (I got a shirt and key chain, and we also bought the CD/DVD for Naturally 7). As we were running back to our seats, we saw another poster of Michael, so I did this: Then we ran back to our seats, with only about five minutes to spare until the most amazing man in the world (besides my husband, of course) came out and graced me with his presence! :) He is an amazing performer, very personable and friendly! He was interactive and funny and just all around so good! I can't even put into words how great of a concert it was.
My life is officially complete.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lots to catch up on...

I'm so bad at blogging lately...I feel like I am always going, going, going with no end in sight. And I also feel like I have nothing to blog about that's interesting. :) So let's catch up on life with the Erdmans:

In June, Clint's sister Karina had a beautiful baby girl, Isabella Rose. She is such a cutie and I love her so much!I stole this picture from my brother-in-law's Facebook. She's such a doll!

Then in July it was my birthday at the beginning and Clint's at the end...we don't really do too much for it, especially because we both don't really like the fact that we are getting old. Not older, OLD. At least that's how we feel! I turned 24 and Clint turned 29. I think next year I might plan something fun because I'll be 25 (a quarter century...ahhhh!) and Clint will turn the big 3-0! CRAZY! We did have some sad times in July though; Clint's grandfather (mom's dad) died on July 16th. The memorial was on Clint's birthday and in Nevada, so unfortunately we spent the weekend apart because I (of course) had to work.

Then came the fun part of our lives. It started on July 21st or something right around then...we dropped Clint's car off to get some maintenance work done before his warranty ran out (which was basically 10 miles later!). Come to find out that it was a much bigger job because more things were wrong than we thought and it was more than just mechanical or electric errors, it was "wear and tear" which is not covered under the warranty. So after much fighting with insurance and policy people, we finally got his car back last Friday...August 13th. Almost a full month after dropping it off. Because Clint works in Paso and I work in SLO and we live in Atascadero, we had to borrow my mom's car for awhile (THANKS MOM!!! You are such a lifesaver!). We had her car until August 9th, and then we figured it would only be a few more days, so we were just going to use my car and he would drop me off at work and pick me up at the end of the day. So that worked for Monday. Then Tuesday comes. I get a bad head cold, but still go to work (dedication, I tell ya!). Then I get a call from Clint. "Your car died." I literally wanted to shoot myself in the face when I heard that. We find out that my timing belt has gone bad and broken or whatever happens to the timing belt. Also, because my car is SO SPECIAL (sure) the timing belt breaking has the potential to break more things in my car. Cool. Our friend recommended a mobile mechanic (who has been a GODSEND) to take a look at it. Long story short (too late!), my car is going to basically be brand new by the time he is done with it! Yahoo!

It's been a full week and my car is not done yet. That's the other dilemma. We still only have one car. It's been a VERY trying week, let me tell you.

We did make a decision that I finally feel comfortable about. We are moving out of our teeny tiny apartment to an even teenier, tinier 5th wheel on my in-law's property. BUT we have full access to their house, kitchen, bigger bathrooms, living room with ginormous TV, etc. And I love my in-laws dearly; they are such good people to help us out like this. We are giving them $200 a month to live with them so we can get our finances in order, pay off bills and such. But it'll be good for all of us, even Chase. He'll finally have more room to play and more dogs to socialize with. Maybe he won't be such a baby when we leave for work now...just kidding :)

My job is still going pretty good - it's super stressful because of Back to College season...a word to the wise, STAY AWAY from BBB during the 2nd weekend and the first few days of the 3rd week (basically September 10th through the 14th)...Poly freshman are moving in and it'll be a ZOO there! But I have officially been in my position for 5 months now. Still learning new things everyday and new ways to cut corners to hopefully make my job easier...hopefully.

Clint and I also hit the 18 month mark in our marriage! Yay for us! :) We are still a happy little family, and I can't wait for what the future holds for us together.

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's the little things...

...that make me so grateful for my sweet husband. I left this morning to go to SLO to get my haircut. As I was leaving, I gave Clint a hug and kiss and said, "Okay, I'm going to get my hair cut now. The next time you see me, I'll have pretty hair." And he said, "You always have pretty hair." *Melt my heart*

As I am sitting here writing this, Chase came up next to me, sits down and looks up with his cute eyes. I turned to look at him and what does he do? He puts his paws up on my lap and lays his head across my lap so I would scratch his head.

Can I get a better life? I think not.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Greatest news EVER

I got the best news in the whole world earlier this week...

I was getting ready for work when my best friend's boyfriend called me. He says, "Hey Gillian, I was wondering if you'd be able to get August 24th and 25th off." I asked him why, and he told me that he had gotten Michelle her birthday present, but he wasn't going to tell me what it was because he was afraid I'd tell her too early and he wanted to actually surprise her with it. He actually said, "I don't trust you to not tell her." WOW! However, he is right...but that's besides the point. Anyway, I coerced him into telling me what it was and here's how THIS part of the conversation went:
Him: "I got her Michael Buble tickets for the 24th up in Sacramento. I think she's really going to like it, don't you?"
Me: "And I need to get the days off because...?"
Him: "Oh because the only stipulation I'm giving her with this present is that she has to take you."

I screamed.

I'M GOING TO SEE MICHAEL BUBLE IN CONCERT!!!!!!!! Be jealous everyone, be jealous!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


My schedule at work lately has had me getting home around 8 pm most of the week. I have been trying to get myself motivated to get some good meals going for my husband, who usually gets home AFTER me. I am totally at a loss for some new recipes, and I am asking all my fellow readers to let me know some of your recipes. Something easy, quick, not a lot of clean up (hopefully). I am totally done with pasta or cereal everynight!!!! I would love all of your input! Thanks!!! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

First Day

Today was my first day at my "new job"! It was such a loooong day (I got there at 7:30 this morning and didn't leave until about 6:15 pm) but it was so productive. The best part about it was that the girl training me is one of my best friends, Michelle, so we got to spend the whole day together. And we live very close to each other so we are car pooling this whole week because we are working the exact same schedule all week. So that is so helpful with gas and everything. It was fun to talk over the day with someone who actually understands! (unlike my husband...who listens for about a second and then tunes me out. That's love, I'll tell ya!)

It was very overwhelming because on top of learning a new job, we also have a new store manager, with new ways of doing everything. I had a meeting with her this morning that lasted almost two hours going over most of the things that are expected of me in this position. It was definitely eye opening, but totally fun to learn all this new stuff! I am so excited, but incredibly nervous that I'm just going to screw everything up! Thank goodness Michelle is here for the rest of the week so at least I'll have an idea about what I am doing daily! I am so excited!

Clint also started his new school this morning. He is going to Laurus College for Web Design and he is very excited. He goes Monday through Thursday, 8-10 am. This will last about 18 months, so hopefully he won't get burned out and will be able to finish well. I am so proud of him for wanting to do this, for actually getting his butt in gear and doing it, and for still holding down a job to help support the family! What a great husband, I definitely married a winner!!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The latest and greatest

It seems like I am only posting about once a month...I feel like that's about the extend of our exciting news. But still, I have some great news to share with everyone!

I have been offered a new position at work! Anyone who knows my work history with this company will know EXACTLY why I am excited! I have been working the same position for almost 5 full years now (and I have been with this company for almost 6 years)...thats a LOONG time to be doing the same thing day after day, week after week. Starting Monday, I will be the new Customer Service Lead at Bed Bath and Beyond! I am officially OFF the front end...and hopefully will never have to go back (for an extended amount of time that is...). All next week (minus about half the day Saturday) I get to be in training for my new position. The existing Customer Service manager and I will be attached at the hip for a whole week while she trains me, because starting the following Monday, it's all on me! Oh joy! :) As sad as I am to leave my girls (my cashiers and other leads at the front end), I am so excited about this new job! It will be a great opportunity and wonderful stepping stone to hopefully bigger and better things.

Clint has also got a new job. If you remember, he was working for a company that went door to door selling Charter internet, cable and phone. As of this past week, he has started doing the same thing, except for Dish Network and Direct TV. He is much more comfortable with a lot of their policies/procedures and feels a million times better after making this decision. The cool thing was that the owner of the company flew out to train Clint and his friend Joey on everything and spent two full days with them. The OTHER cool (or funny) thing is that this guy is from Utah, so of course my first question to Clint was, "Is he Mormon?" Clint asks Kevin this the next day, and obviously his answer is, "Yes." For some reason (I know what reason!) that little statement made me feel a ton better as well. I feel good about our decision for Clint to start working for this company as opposed to the last one. It just feels right!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary! Can you believe that?! I had to work in the morning, but I was able to convince my boss to let me leave early (one hour early...let me tell you, it took a full week to convince him...I love my job, I love my job, I love my job...) and then Clint met me at work. We drove to my mom's house where we both changed into nice clothes and chatted with my little sister Hannah. Then we headed down to Pismo Beach for dinner. We went to the Sea Venture restaurant and had such a fun time! It was MUCH fancier than either of us are used to so that was a big surprise. But it was so much fun! Here's to the rest of our lives together my love! :)

That morning, Clint had dropped Chase off at Petsmart to get groomed. So after dinner we headed over there and picked him up. He looks TONS better and I know he feels tons better too! He went from looking like this: looking like this: We are just really excited that he is no longer looking like a wooly mammoth!

Today is also a very somber day for me. Seven years ago today was the death of two boys my age. McKay Edwards and Ian Purdon. It is always a hard day for me, so I decided to spend some extra time with my mom and sister. I miss you both so much, but I do have the knowledge and faith that I will see each of you again someday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Pictures

Hannah's gift to my mom for Christmas and her birthday was to have all of us take family pictures. We recruited Melissa White and her fabulous photography skills to help us out! On December 29th, we all got together at Cuesta Park and spent some time taking pictures. Thanks to my mom, it felt like senior pictures ALL OVER AGAIN! First it was pictures of the kid and their significant other. Then it was pictures of just the kid (what's she gonna do with those? I think she told me they were going to be for her new dart board........thanks Mom!!!) and then it was pictures of the five kids, then of the kids and Mom, then of everyone! Let me tell you, that was a LOOONG day! BUT it was also a long time coming; the last family pictures we took were in I think 2001! And before that was "the awkward years" pictures that have since been hidden (Hannah, we still have to destroy those!!!). So these should be really good this time around. We were just let known today that they are ready and Hannah will be getting us copies of the pictures by this weekend (fingers crossed that they turn out good!!!), so soon, I am going to be changing photos in frames!! I'm so excited! The things we do for our mother!!!

Love you momma!!!

Christmas and after...

I feel like I'm always posting a "catch-up" post...I feel like I just never have the time to post something!!! I'm going to try to remedy that this year, and post more about our lives! *The biggest problem I face is that we just aren't that cool...nothing fun really happens to us!* I guess that could be a good thing, in that nothing BAD every really happens. But I will try to find things that we are doing that are blog worthy...

That being said...
We spent Christmas with my family in SLO. Hannah had to the night before so we all showed up around noon to let her sleep in a bit. I only took two pictures at Christmas (I know, I suck). One was of my mom getting her special gift:
We all pitched in and got her an Ipod. It's the only thing that she wanted, and since we are good kids, we got her one! The only other picture I took was of Clint after he opened up his gift from Chase...I have to admit, it was pretty darn cute!I got this frame from my work where you can decorate it yourself (some of you parents will recognize it; my mom and I got them for our kids in our Primary class to decorate for their parents!) So I decorated it and Chase "gave" it to his Dad! Clint loves it (despite his face in the picture!) We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and playing games as a family; it was truly a wonderful Christmas season this year!

The next day (December 26), Clint's sister Karina got married! She was married out in Cayucos to a great guy, Jovanni (I think that's how you spell his name.) I was able to get out there JUST in time for the wedding; I literally ran inside and was sitting for maybe 3 minutes before the ceremony started! It was a very quick ceremony, but it was very touching. Karina looked so beautiful! I took a few pictures, so enjoy the people you probably don't know! :)

The other pictures I have are pretty dark and just not really of great quality...maybe a career in photography is not going to happen for me!