Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Pictures

Hannah's gift to my mom for Christmas and her birthday was to have all of us take family pictures. We recruited Melissa White and her fabulous photography skills to help us out! On December 29th, we all got together at Cuesta Park and spent some time taking pictures. Thanks to my mom, it felt like senior pictures ALL OVER AGAIN! First it was pictures of the kid and their significant other. Then it was pictures of just the kid (what's she gonna do with those? I think she told me they were going to be for her new dart board........thanks Mom!!!) and then it was pictures of the five kids, then of the kids and Mom, then of everyone! Let me tell you, that was a LOOONG day! BUT it was also a long time coming; the last family pictures we took were in I think 2001! And before that was "the awkward years" pictures that have since been hidden (Hannah, we still have to destroy those!!!). So these should be really good this time around. We were just let known today that they are ready and Hannah will be getting us copies of the pictures by this weekend (fingers crossed that they turn out good!!!), so soon, I am going to be changing photos in frames!! I'm so excited! The things we do for our mother!!!

Love you momma!!!

Christmas and after...

I feel like I'm always posting a "catch-up" post...I feel like I just never have the time to post something!!! I'm going to try to remedy that this year, and post more about our lives! *The biggest problem I face is that we just aren't that cool...nothing fun really happens to us!* I guess that could be a good thing, in that nothing BAD every really happens. But I will try to find things that we are doing that are blog worthy...

That being said...
We spent Christmas with my family in SLO. Hannah had to the night before so we all showed up around noon to let her sleep in a bit. I only took two pictures at Christmas (I know, I suck). One was of my mom getting her special gift:
We all pitched in and got her an Ipod. It's the only thing that she wanted, and since we are good kids, we got her one! The only other picture I took was of Clint after he opened up his gift from Chase...I have to admit, it was pretty darn cute!I got this frame from my work where you can decorate it yourself (some of you parents will recognize it; my mom and I got them for our kids in our Primary class to decorate for their parents!) So I decorated it and Chase "gave" it to his Dad! Clint loves it (despite his face in the picture!) We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and playing games as a family; it was truly a wonderful Christmas season this year!

The next day (December 26), Clint's sister Karina got married! She was married out in Cayucos to a great guy, Jovanni (I think that's how you spell his name.) I was able to get out there JUST in time for the wedding; I literally ran inside and was sitting for maybe 3 minutes before the ceremony started! It was a very quick ceremony, but it was very touching. Karina looked so beautiful! I took a few pictures, so enjoy the people you probably don't know! :)

The other pictures I have are pretty dark and just not really of great quality...maybe a career in photography is not going to happen for me!