Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great Deal!!!!

So Clint's birthday is on Friday (the big 28!!!) and so we decided that it was time for a little investment for our personal entertainment. We've been wanting (well, he's been wanting, I don't really care too much) a Wii for a while now. We had visited some friends of ours in Ventura a couple months ago and they have a Wii and Clint fell in love. He's been bugging me since then that we NEED to get one. So I obliged and starting looking around to find prices. Man are they expensive! I was going to just bite the bullet and shell out the money for it when he mentioned it again yesterday. So I told him my plan and he told me what he had been doing. Looking on craigslist for a cheap and slightly used one. Well folks...we found one. We found a barely used one from a guy in Atascadero. Apparently, he had just lost his job and was selling off a lot of his unnecessary items and a Wii was part of it. We got the system, two controllers, the sports pack, and a Mario racing game for $140 dollars! Everything without the Mario game at a store is priced at about $250! We are so excited! I love great deals!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I almost forgot to update about my bee sting drama..lame.

I was able to work on Saturday, taking many opportunites to sit and rest and put my foot up though. That night was one of the most uncomfortable ever - I had to have my foot elevated up, with ice on it and try to sleep. Try it...not easy.
When I woke up Sunday morning, I could hardly walk at all. I called my mom who told me to go immediately to a doctor because the swelling had increased and it was still completely red with no signs of it going down regardless of all the Benedryl I was taking. So we go to the doctor only to have him tell me there was nothing he could do...this is just how I "react to foreign matter" in my body...Thanks....for taking my money and telling me nothing. I really appreciate it.
I spent all day Monday resting it and what formed was a dark red, almost purple splotch on the top of foot. A bruise. Fabulous. So I am currently limping only when I have been on my feet for a very long time, and taking Benedryl/IBprofun on when needed.

Again...I hate bees.

Oh the movies we enjoy

I got to go see the newest Harry Potter movie on opening night at midnight...it was amazing!!! The energy and enthusiam in that theater was so awesome! I always forget how crazy some fans can get (there was one girl dressed up as Hedwig, Harry's owl, and apparently someone else was dressed up as the Snitch...awesome!) but thats what makes it so much fun!
*Special thank you to my lovely sisters Megan and Becca...they sat out in front of the theater from about 5:30 pm on holding out spot in line. I arrived a little before 11 pm (hey, I had to work that night!!) and only had to wait about 20 minutes. I love my sisters!*

The previews were great too...I so want to see all the new movies out. Can you believe they are making a movie based on the children's book "Where the Wild Things Are"? WHAT!?!?! I LOVE that book!

ALSO...New Moon preview. I am SUCH a fan, I cannot wait for this movie to come out! It looks sooo good...HOT is all I can really say about this movie. I'm so friggin' excited. :

Friday, July 10, 2009

What a day!

So Becca and I were hanging out today in SLO, and we decided we wanted to go to a park and play around for a bit before she had to go to work. We go to Santa Rosa park and start walking towards the play stuff when all of a sudden, a bee stings me on my toe. Seriously. I hate bees, especially now. I, of course, fall to my knee and start freaking out a bit and Becca's telling me to get it out now! Also, the bee was STUCK on my toe, so I flicked it off, then made her get the stinger out. Now, the last time I got stung, my whole foot swelled up to at least twice the size and I had to go to the doctor to get it taken care of. I was off my feet (on crutches) for two or so days after that, so I got incredibly nervous today. I immediately called my mom and asked her what to do. Becca and I went back to her house, I took some Benedryl and just rested until Clint came down. When he looked at it, he informed me that there was still a little bit of the stinger in there and we went to work to get it out. What a day! Needless to say, I am watching my toe to make sure it doesn't swell up too much more so I won't have to go to the doctor this time. STAY AWAY FROM SANTA ROSA PARK!!!! Dumb bees will sting you for no reason. But basically I am glad that the bee died...