Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary! Can you believe that?! I had to work in the morning, but I was able to convince my boss to let me leave early (one hour early...let me tell you, it took a full week to convince him...I love my job, I love my job, I love my job...) and then Clint met me at work. We drove to my mom's house where we both changed into nice clothes and chatted with my little sister Hannah. Then we headed down to Pismo Beach for dinner. We went to the Sea Venture restaurant and had such a fun time! It was MUCH fancier than either of us are used to so that was a big surprise. But it was so much fun! Here's to the rest of our lives together my love! :)

That morning, Clint had dropped Chase off at Petsmart to get groomed. So after dinner we headed over there and picked him up. He looks TONS better and I know he feels tons better too! He went from looking like this: looking like this: We are just really excited that he is no longer looking like a wooly mammoth!

Today is also a very somber day for me. Seven years ago today was the death of two boys my age. McKay Edwards and Ian Purdon. It is always a hard day for me, so I decided to spend some extra time with my mom and sister. I miss you both so much, but I do have the knowledge and faith that I will see each of you again someday.