Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yay for life...

So I'm sitting here...in my new apartment...realizing its been a while since I've written on here and SO much has happened. We were finally able to move into the apartment on January 23rd and I've been slowly moving all my stuff in, little by little. It's been such an experience. A good one, but definitely an experience. Its interesting meshing your things with someone else. I am grateful for this wonderful time in mine and Clint's lives, and I know that I'll cherish this experience forever. I mean, we're finally doing it! We're finally getting our lives together started!
We've had so many great things happen for us in the last few weeks. To start off, all the help that we've received from family members in helping us get our little apartment set up. See, I had next to nothing in the way of furniture. And Clint had not too much more than I did! But somehow, we were able to come out of this with an L-shaped couch and chair (thanks James and Paulina!), a washer and dryer (Ben and Sara - you guys rock!), and a table and two chairs (courtesy of my lovely sister Hannah!). Next, the little things - my sister offering to help move the rest of my stuff in, my mom and sister watching Chase so that I am able to come up here every day and get a little more set up in the apartment. And lastly, a special thanks to my wonderful fiance Clint. How else would I be able to do this if it weren't for you?
But the best part about LIFE right now is going to happen in just 10 days...can you believe we're getting married that soon! I have never been more excited for anything in my ENTIRE life! Finally, we will be a married couple and be able to enjoy our lives combined.
--More pictures to follow of the apartment/set up process and hopefully the wedding too!!! :)--

Friday, January 9, 2009


We got an apartment!! I can't believe it, seriously! We got one!!! :)
It's in Atascadero, which sucks a little bit because of the drive to work. But whatever, because its ours!!! So Clint will move in now (or whenever the move in date is) and then as soon as we get married, Chase and I will move in...yeeeeeeahhhhh!!! This is amazing news and I've been on cloud 9 ALL DAY LONG!!!! Here's some pictures of the complex:

They all look Adobe style like this...this is two and three bedroom apartment style, they have a garage. Ours is one bedroom with no garage, but the outside looks similar.

So this is what the stairs look like. What a cute place...I'm so stoked right now, no joke!

And this is what the floor plan for our apartment looks like. The kitchen is ginormous!!! And the bedroom is spacious, which is AWESOME! Great thing: WASHER/DRYER HOOKUPS!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Can't wait for that!

So anyway, needless to say...our lives are going to be way different now. We have a place and the wedding will be happening very soon! YAY FOR US!!! :)