Sunday, October 18, 2009

The other day I was getting ready to do the dishes, so I take off my rings and watch and turn on the water. I let it run for a few seconds to warm up while I arrange the dishes for easier washing and check back on the water - still cold. Move some more things around, open up the dishwasher, check back with the water - still cold, and it feels like its getting colder. This goes on for a little bit and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the heck is going on. Why won't my water heat up?!?!

I forgot to turn on the HOT water...that's what I call an epic fail.

On a brighter note, my manager at work is taking a leave of absence for illness. No one is sure exactly when she will be back, we just know it will be at least a month or longer. So this basically means...I am in charge of the front end at work! Yahoo! It's finally mine again!! :) I have two other leads that are fantastic; very hard workers and lovely girls to be around, so we are going to have a blast without Pauline (who everyone seems to greatly dislike...hopefully this will bring about a change in attitudes along the whole front end!) So yay, its been a pretty good week, despite the crazy weather and long hours I had to put in. Good karma is finally catching up to me! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yummy Pumpkin Shaped Bread Bowls

The finished product...mmm

I've been totally loving checking out so many blogs because they give me so many ideas about fun things to do around the house and fun things to cook as well. I tried a great one from The Idea Room blog, it was for Pumpkin Shaped Bread Bowls for soup to go inside. If you click here, you will get the posting.

It was super simple and they came out really, really cute! They only thing I'd do differently (and this was my own fault) would be to before baking, make the balls flatter, like in the picture on the blog. That seemed to be the reason why mine came out so round and ball like...I think if they were flatter going into the oven, they would have been more like an actual bread bowl, more oval in shape. Next time, I'll try that.

Fresh out of the oven

They were super easy to make and totally delicious!