Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Place?

We went and looked at another condo in our complex last night. Two, actually. I want a bigger place, we are too cramped in this one. The two we went to look at were two bedrooms. They are not necessarily huge or anything, but they are nice. Its like a mini house. Totally cute! I hope we decide to get into the bigger place (it has a garage...that would be absolutely amazing!). I want more space!

I had a nice time last night with my sisters! Hannah and Becca (and Hannah's boyfriend Danny) came up to see the apartment and Chase and hang out for a couple hours after I got off work. It was so much fun. I took them on a tour (lasting all of about 2 minutes...yes, my apartment is small...) and then we sat and talked for a looong time waiting for Clint to get back from the gym. When we realized he wasn't coming home for a while we decided to go get some dinner. Hannah treated us all to In N Out. I think thats the main reason they came up here was for the In N Out. No judgment, I would have done the same! Hahah :) We had so much fun, I wish we could all get together more! Love you sisters!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

...and now...

Billy Mays too?! What is happening with all these celebs, huh? Seriously, you if you've bumped your head - GET IT CHECKED OUT!!! That's two celebrities within about 2 or so months of each other to die because of a head injury that they didn't think was serious. It's serious!

On a lighter note...there are officially pictures hanging in my house now. Yay!!!! My mom gave Clint and I a "C" and a "G" lettering wall hanging thing when we got married and I finally got it up...just shy of 5 months of having it sit on the ground in our bedroom. Now its up! Along with a ton of other pictures, mostly from our w
edding. I do have two collage frames with 7 spots for pictures in each. One of them has some of our engagement pictures and some cute ones of us when we were dating. And the other is a tribute to our trip to Disneyland last month! I just got those up tonight, and man were they hard to get up! I have never had so much trouble with something like this. First of all, I suck at hammering. Yeah, I know...it's not THAT hard, but I somehow make it completely difficult. And then I didn't measure properly. Again, I suck. But I finally got them up, they are *somewhat* straight. But somewhat is good enough for me. Especially in this heat. I think it hit in the high 90's up here, if not higher than that. AND yesterday my mom, Hannah, Becca, Clint and I went olallieberry picking! Clint and I came out with a flat of these delicious berries. We froze four baskets and kept 2 out for our general grazing. So I decided to make a mini cobbler today (I think the heat really got to me...because seriously, baking? In this heat? I must have been dehydrated or SOMETHING...I don't even know). It turned out AMAZING! Clint and I downed the whole thing in about 5 minutes (seriously). It was pretty tiny though, about the size of a loaf pan, and maybe about 2-4 inches high. It was so good. I wish I had taken a picture of it. It was that beautiful. Side note...GOOD LUCK TO LEIGHANNE! The doctors should be inducing her (or should have already) she is getting ready to have her first baby! Love you Leighanne and David and baby Maggie! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today has been a weird day...

I still can't believe that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both died today. It's so odd. And as weird as this may sound, I think that I will always remember exactly what I was doing when I heard about them. Both were when I was at work today. (As I'm sitting here, I'm thinking that I can probably remember the time too!) I was in my car with a co worker on the last little bit of our lunch and she was checking the Internet on her phone for news...well, Farrah Fawcett dying surely is news. I would say this is about at 12:47 (ish). And then around 3:22, I took my last break and had a text from Clint (sent at 3:15) telling me that Michael Jackson died. I looked on my Facebook today, and so many people had something about one or the other or both as their status. As one person put it, "I thought he was immortal." Seriously. You don't think that celebrities are going to die. This has been a weird day.
RIP Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New stuff

We're getting a new TV! Oh, I am so excited! Not that I watch a ton of TV, but mostly just because we are getting an amazing deal. Our friends' parents got this one about a year ago, and decided that they didn't want it anymore...I think they may have upgraded even (must be nice to be able to do that at the spur of the moment...), so they had this one and offered it to us for $350, which they said we can pay them a little each month for. So awesome! Its a 42" flat screen LCD, HD, every kind of "D" you can think of (haha just kidding)! Its a beauty...we're getting it on Saturday and my wonderful husband said he's going to have it all hooked up by the time I get home from work that night. YAHOO!!!! :) Which means two things: 1) I have a lot of rearranging to do (we're moving the TV from the living room into the bedroom, and the TV in the bedroom has to find a new place to live) and 2) I have to find that place for my poor old TV to live. Its about 6 or 7 years old, a 19" TV/VCR combo, and I don't think the VCR really works anymore...but who has VHS tapes anymore? I think I'm mostly excited about the rearranging part. I LOVE redecorating, however small a project it may be. I'm so happy to have a project!!! :)

In other news...we finally gave our poor pup a haircut. It's getting way too hot during the days, so we got him shaved down completely to tackle the heat. He looks so silly without all his fur and curls! He looks so little now!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm really hating...

all this lame construction on the freeways. Unnecessary, in my opinion. Well, not entirely. It's unnecessary that it's taking THIS LONG TO COMPLETE. Last night, I got off work around 10:15 pm. It usually takes 20 minutes TOPS to get home, and thats if I am driving the speed limit the WHOLE time. Now, that NEVER happens, so I'm home within about 15 minutes. It took me over 35 minutes to get from BBB to home last night because of TRAFFIC ON THE FREEWAY ON A TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!! It was lame. I hope they stop soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a day today is going to be. First of all, it is my first day off since last Tuesday...yes, I worked 8 stinkin' days in a row. My feet hurt, my legs ache, my back is absolutely killing me. So I finally get a day off. Here was my plan for the day:
-Sleep in
-Clean the house
-Get a few things at the grocery store
-Take Chase to dog park

Here's my NEW plan for the day:
-Sleep until 730 and get woken up by a crazy dog scratching at the door
-Open the door to have him jump on my face
-Try to get more sleep, but are denied this because of said dog
-Get trapped in my own home...

So I have a crazy dog, and thats all there really is to it.

As far as me getting trapped in my home...here's the deal. My apartment complex is getting repainted or touched up or something. For the past three or four days they have been working on MY building, which is like four apartments. Chase is absolutely TERRIFIED of these guys for whatever reason. Okay, they are making quite a bit of noise (normal, I suppose) as they are literally right outside our windows and on our roof (we are on the 2nd and top floor). So I try to lay in bed as long as I can to get the most out of my relaxing time. Chase is laying on a pillow, which has been made into a time out pillow for all the barking he is doing at these painters. At about 10:15 there is a knock at my door. I go to answer it and there is one of the painters there, who informs me that they will be spraying now, which means they will be closing off my door...my only exit to the outside world.
"How long is this going to be? When will I be able to leave?"
"It's going to be all day, ma'am. I'd say around 4 or so."


So now I am here...trying to figure out how to do anything now that all my motivation for a good day is gone. Chase is locked in the bedroom because he kept barking and now thats all he is doing. He's really into the howling bark...its quite lovely. So I guess its MOVIES all day long...I'm already looking forward to work tomorrow.